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Ms. Paule Barre, a Professor of Philosophy, France writes :

« It is thanks to the exhibition of the Herouet Gallery,in the Marais, district of Paris, that I met Naoko Paganotti in 1998.

The enthusiasm I felt when seeing her paintings with those flower bunches still remains. Naoko loves flowers. Her mastery and her talent allow her to evoke their freshness and their charm. She knows how to convey the love she feels for them. [...]

How come her paintings can be endearing to the point that we can no longer turn away from them ? […]

Some think you feel more intelligent after reading Proust, well, having filled your eyes and minds with Naoko's paintings, you do feel lighter and full of hope... […]

Naoko has a gift for poetry. […]

I wonder if it is possible to remain indifferent to the works of Naoko whose mastery is such that we never feel the efforts it cost to paint them. Everything seems to come in such a natural way. I can imagine the wonders Baudelaire could have written.»

Mr Akinori Matsumoto an Arts journalist, Japan, wrote:

«I will never forget what I felt when I met Ms Naoko Paganotti for the first time. How could such a person exist in this world ? […]

It was a strange feeling that I had, although her work is neither strange nor weird? Instead it is just natural. […]

The first feature which characterizes her is her use of the coulours that seems to be innate […] ; Those are not the actual colours of what she paints but the ones she instinctly reached for when placed before her subject. […]

The second feature is her brush stroke. Usually her works are line drawings with colours. The image of the object is created by a free and swift movement of the brush. Her brush stroke has a momentum. Throughout her works, her touch and lines remain. And the colours of her paintings have such a mysterious and dynamic hue. […] »

naoko peint pinceaux palette