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Date of birth  : 1943

Naoko Nakabé was born in Yamaguchi-Ken -Japan, in a well-off, art friendly family. Her mother, Kitako Nakabé wife to Yoshikishi Nakabé was a talented artist who painted watercolours. Naoko is the youngest of four, with two sisters, Makiko and Ryuko and a brother Tetsujiro.

Admission to Joshibi University in 1961

At the age of 18, Naoko enters the famous Joshibi University in Tokyo – the equivalent of the French Ecole des Beaux Arts- after passing the strict entrance examination which selects only 100 students per year.

Her first exhibition in 1963

She holds her fisrt exhibition in Tokyo at the age of 20. Her talent is recognized by the Head of the University who encourages her in her work.

France 1971

In 1969 she met Bernard Paganotti, a brilliant French musician, on tour in Japan and this was to mark a turning point in Naoko's life.She went over to France to marry him in 1971. She soon gave him two children, Antoine Paganotti, (1972) and , Himiko Paganotti (1974). Both have inherited their parents' talents in Arts, singing and music.

Académie des Beaux Arts in Paris 1985

Naoko joined M. Yankel atelier at the Académie des Beaux Arts in Paris where she studied drawing, watercolours, parstels and oil painting.

Académie Julian 1987

Combining her family life and her passion for the Arts, Naoko follows the course of Mr Del Debbio at the Académie Julian in Le Marais district of Paris where she painted still-lifes, nudes and portraits.

Paris-Tokyo 1995

Naoko exhibited her works both in Paris and in Tokyo. The prestigious gallery Omotesendo Ms.Satoi in the Harajuku district of Tokyo still regularly invite her for exhibitions..

Auvers sur Oise 2000

The Paganotti couple moved to Auvers-sur-Oise to live closer to friends and friend musicians of the famous Castle Herouville recording studio. Painting was also part of the choice of Auvers as the village has been a source of inspiration for many painters such as Daubigny, Corot, Pissarro, Cezanne, et Van Gogh. who painted there most of his work before his death. He painted the famous . "Church of Auvers-sur-Oise" , in 1890. The town of Auvers organizes visits of the inn where Van Gogh used to rent a room. There is also the Castle of Auvers where a travelling exhibition called « A voyage into the era of the Impressionists" was set up in 1994.

Japon, 2005

Her mother Kitako Nakabé died at the age of 101 so that Naoko's journeys to Japan became less frequent although her paintings are still exhibited even when she is away. Naoko Paganotti has quietly pursued her artistic activity along with her Franco-Japanese family life, a larger family now with three grandchildren.

Naoko en kimono

Naoko Nakabe

traditional kimono,

Tokyo 1960
Naoko et ses soeurs

Naoko and her sisters

Makiko et Ryuko Nakabe in family home,

Tokyo 1964
Naoko en france

Naoko marries Bernard Paganotti, ,

the young couple moves to Montreuil,

France 1971
Naoko entre Paris et Tokyo

Naoko Paganotti

Naoko Paganotti regularly returns to Tokyo,

Japan 1995
Naoko et Bernard à Auvers

Naoko and Bernard Paganotti

moved to Auvers-sur-Oise and adopt Tono,

France 2000
Naoko et sa mère

Naoko Paganotti and Kitako Nakabé

beside her mother who died aged 101,

Japan 2003